50% with Heart Disease in Huntsville AL

50% with Heart Disease in Huntsville AL

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Medical researchers now say that over half of the people with heart disease in Huntsville AL never had high cholesterol or high blood pressure. This has medical researchers baffled. They wonder why people have heart disease when these two "causes" are absent.

For years all we have heard is that if you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure you're a goner. If you don't then you're OK. The truth is these tests are only a symptom of the underlying cause.

Every person, every person, that has heart disease and has been checked for subluxation in my office has had nerve interference on the spinal cord where the nerves supply the heart. Whether they have had high cholesterol at Rocket City Chiropractic or not, whether they have had high blood pressure of not.

The root cause of the disease is nervous system interference. Sure bad genes and poor lifestyle choices speed up the disease process. In fact the life style choices often cause nerve system interference.

When the power cord is choked off, the organ dies. Whether it is the heart, liver or lower bowel. Your specific, scientific, principled chiropractic adjustment gets the power back on.

The common thing between a marathon runner and a "couch potato" dying of a heart attack in Huntsville is nerve interference.

If you truly want to live a long and healthy life you need to get adjusted, regardless of genetics, age or lifestyle. You can avoid bad air, bad food, bad water, bad germs and still die of heart disease. The secret, that these researchers choose to ignore, is the specific, scientific, principled chiropractic adjustment. Until they get that they will still be baffled. Call Rocket City Chiropractic in Huntsville today to schedule an appointment.


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