IQ Impulse Adjustor

Chiropractic Huntsville AL Impulse Adjusting

The IQ Impulse Adjustor is a chiropractic instrument designed to deliver controlled, low-force thrusts to specific areas of the spine and joints. It's a high-tech tool chiropractors on University Dr Huntsville AL and Bailey Cove Rd Huntsville AL use to perform adjustments with more precision and comfort compared to traditional manual methods.

Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Computerized control: The device uses microcomputer circuitry to regulate each thrust's force and speed precisely, ensuring it's tailored to the patient's needs and condition.

Multiple force settings: It offers three different force settings to accommodate adjustments for various body parts and patients of all ages.

Real-time feedback: The instrument provides real-time feedback to the chiropractor about the patient's response to the adjustment, allowing for more precise and effective treatment.

Faster than manual adjustments: The IQ Impulse Adjustor delivers thrusts much faster than manual techniques, minimizing the body's natural tendency to resist the adjustment.

Reduced discomfort: The controlled force and speed contribute to a more comfortable patient experience than traditional chiropractic adjustments, which sometimes involve popping or cracking sounds.

It's important to note that the IQ Impulse Adjustor is just one tool in a chiropractor's arsenal. Check out our other pages to see how we tailor our care to individual needs.

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