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Standard Process is a company that produces whole food supplements to support overall health and well-being on University Dr Huntsville AL and Bailey Cove Rd Huntsville AL.

Assessment and Patient Consultation:

Chiropractors typically start by assessing patients' overall health, including nutritional needs. This may involve discussing dietary habits, health history, and specific concerns or conditions. Based on the assessment, chiropractors may recommend Standard Process supplements to address nutritional deficiencies or support particular health goals.

Education and Guidance:

We educate patients about the importance of nutrition in overall health and how supplements can complement a healthy diet. We provide information about specific nutritional products and their potential benefits. We lack proper nutrition in our lives, even in the SOIL where our food is grown! We will provide patients with educational materials, brochures, or resources from Standard Process to enhance their understanding of the supplements and their benefits.

Customized Protocols:

Chiropractors may create customized nutritional protocols for individual patients, tailoring supplement recommendations based on their unique health needs and goals.

Integration with Chiropractic Care:

Standard Process supplements may be integrated into the overall treatment plan. Chiropractors may explain how nutritional support can work synergistically with chiropractic adjustments to enhance the body's ability to heal and function optimally.

In-Office Supplements on hand:

Our office has supplements where patients can conveniently purchase recommended Standard Process supplements. This allows for a streamlined process and ensures that patients have access to the recommended products.

Follow-Up and Monitoring:

Chiropractors may schedule follow-up appointments to monitor progress, assess any changes in health, and adjust the nutritional plan as needed.

Professional Development:

Our chiropractors at Rocket City Chiropractic attend training sessions or seminars offered by Standard Process and other nutrition companies to stay updated on the latest products and research, ensuring they can make informed patient recommendations.

We base patient recommendations on each patient's needs and communicate clearly with patients about the purpose and benefits of the recommended supplements. Compliance with relevant healthcare regulations and ethical considerations is essential when incorporating nutritional support into chiropractic care.

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